Prepared to indulge into our offered specials, including 5 Days* Specials, Complimentary Gift of Purchase and 3 for RM99 Sale.

Sale Starts on 3rd Sept 12am Midnight

5 Days* Specials

EXCLUSIVE items up for grabs from ONLY RM1.90, RM9, RM19 and RM29 .

Terms & Conditions*

- Limit of 1pc per Order. While Stock Last.

- Item with Limited Price Offer will valid for ONLY 24 HOURS - midnight 0:00 to same day 23:59. Do clear the payment once ordered.

- 5 Days Specials Item are not included for FREE shipping. However, customer can eligible for FREE shipping if purchase of other 2pcs item(s) from our site. 

- Allocation of a total 20pcs per EXCLUSIVE item for the sales period.

Complimentary Gift of Purchase

As a token of appreciation and our joined giveaway for #MYCYBERSALE, JM will give out this complimentary Travel Essential Bag worth RM 19* upon first 100* purchases made from 3rd of September till 7th of September, regardless of any purchase amount.

RM  19.00  FREE   100%  

4 Piece Travel Essential Makeup Bag

Store your Makeup Essentials in this Compact Bag for Travel and On-The-Go Touchup. Compact Mirror comes in either 1 of the 2 design (Rose/Teal).

Terms & Condition*

- Customer have to place this Gift Travel Essential Bag Item into the bag to eligible for this. Failure of placement will not be eligible for the Gift Item.

- A total of 100 Complimentary Gift Travel Essential Bag will be given out. This Travel Essential Bag will be displayed "Sold Out" or back to original price of RM19 once ALL 100 Gift Item has been redeemed.

3 for RM99 Sale Item

Our Normal Sale is getting crazier and ONLY on this #MYCYBERSALE period, Enjoy 3 SALE items for RM99 ONLY and still eligible for FREE shipping!

On Sale
Quilted Tie High Waist Shorts
RM  44.80  31.36  
Promotion ends:
Embroidered High Waist Short in Blush
RM  39.80  33.00   17%  
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